BSc, MSc, MSc, Cert EP(YJ)

Everything on this website comes from over 10 years experience studying and practising at the ‘difficult’ end of the spectrum (and quite frankly off the spectrum) within education and youth justice settings.

I believe that helping the most disengaged, hurt and angry teens is what I was put on this earth to do and according to those I have worked with, both colleagues and young people, it is something that I excel at. Keeping the knowledge I have acquired confined to my day-to-day practice didn’t seem right when I could be reaching out to so many more workers and through them so many more young people.

I am constantly frustrated by the lack of resources available to workers, in terms of up-to-date and relevant intervention programmes, training, time and care. We are expected to give our all but are rarely adequately refuelled with practical resources or personally and professionally nourishing training, and by this I mean training that helps us reflect on ourselves and our work.

So a passion to help and an all consuming frustration with what is out there has led to Teenage Whisperer. I have spent the last ten years largely filling this gap for myself and in the process have created my own list of pre-existing resources and have also created my own. These I am sharing in the ‘Resources’ section. My blog posts ‘Their Voice’ and ‘Out of the Box’ are my reflections on my own practice and the knowledge that I have acquired through working with the most damaged yet in their own way, amazing young people. They have shown me what is important to them and how best to relate to them and without them I would have nothing to share with you today.

It is my heartfelt desire that this website informs and enhances your work with young people and that you all become Teenage Whisperers. Please spread the word about this site, through Facebook, Twitter, email or good old-fashioned word of mouth. The more people get involved, the more ideas can be aired and the better our work will be.

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