Anger Is My Friend: Rethinking Teen Anger Management

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No two young people are the same; their anger is not the same either.
There can be no one-size-fits-all anger management solution.

With her experiences of working with the most challenging, disengaged young people, Sam Ross has learned that any approach that loses the person and tries to treat the anger will always ultimately fail. Instead, it is all about relationship, about communication, about exchange and understanding the individual ways that anger is a friend to many teens.


Writing in the voice of a teen, she provides insight into many of the thought processes that can motivate young people to use anger as a survival tool; the tool that they often view as their closest friend, their ‘certainty amidst uncertainty’.

Writing in her own voice, she provides practical advice and suggestions for those working with young people. Providing numerous strategies to help them to engage with young people on this issue and to help them better understand their individual anger and the role it plays in their life, she helps workers tailor anger management interventions for the teen in front of them, with the building of relationship at its heart.

With free downloadable resources and further reading on the accompanying webpage, you will be on the fast track to working better and smarter with your teens. You will see more of them getting to grips with their anger and becoming the happy, motivated, ‘the world is my oyster’ teens that they deserve to be. buy button buy button

Sections and chapters are as follows:

    What on earth is going on with them?
    Anger is my Friend
    When You See More than You See
    The Family Line
    I Swore

    What To Do?
    In the Heat: Performance or Rage?
    Anatomy of a Trigger: The Anger Debrief
    The Anger Balancing Act: Consequences vs Relationship?
    What Did I Do?: The Anger Debrief for Workers
    Why Don’t They Care?: Unveiling the Victims, Discovering Empathy

    Overcoming the Challenge of Disengagement
    I Will Not Look
    ‘How Do I Feel?’ Are You Crazy?
    ‘I Hate You’: A Powerful Tool for Change
    The Paper Exchange
    What’s the Point? Magical Tools & Resource Rabbit Holes
    They Put Me In A Group
    Overcoming Resistance to Change: The Strongest Argument You Can Make For Change Is Not To

    Moving On
    When You See More Than You See: The Other Side


Latest reviews:

“Excellent book that provides a different lens through which to view “defiant” teenagers. I saw many of my clients in the descriptions–and the author’s analysis clarified many of many own thoughts in this area. The insights from this book will help many counselors, teachers and caregivers seen the world through the teenager’s eyes. And, given that an empathetic connection is an essential precursor and support for any therapeutic change, this alone makes the book worth reading.”

“This unique book puts you behind the facade of an angry teenager telling things in their own words and then provides advice, help and support for everyone working with them, teachers, social workers and youth justice service. I wish this had been available in the 60’s when I started out as a naive teacher.”

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Some chapters are updated, extended and tailored to the issue of anger, from posts on her popular ‘Teenage Whisperer’ blog and others are brand new material exclusive to the book.

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