Need help with your troubled tween or teen?
Do you want to change their behaviour but you don’t know how?

Do you feel they need to talk to someone outside the family?

Have you been trying to solve the problem already, possibly with other professionals, but don’t seem to be getting anywhere?

Do you live in the Bristol, Bath, Somerset area and want one-to-one face-to-face support for your tween or teen?
Issues I can help with include (but not limited to):
depression, anxiety, self-harm, ADHD, autism, anger, aggression, drug and alcohol use, criminal behaviour

Why work with Sam?

Sam Ross, BSc, MSc, MSc, Cert EP(YJ)

I have over 15 years experience working with, studying and writing about adolescent emotional and behavioural problems, predominantly within education and youth justice settings.

My award winning Teenage Whisperer blog and books, ‘Anger Is My Friend: Rethinking teen anger management’ , and ‘What I Need From You: The essential guide to reaching troubled teens’, have helped thousands of parents, carers and professionals engage and assist young people and particularly those struggling with the most challenging issues and/or behaviours.

I have a massive heart for working with hurting young people and helping them lead the happy, motivated lives they deserve to. Both this and my experience of what actually works to help young people overcome their issues has motivated me to develop the Teenage Whisperer intervention method.

What is so special about the Teenage Whisperer method?

Solutions are led by the young person.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution and that is why a lot of conventional therapies don’t work. Each teen is different, so I listen to them first, help them to understand their issue and empower them to make the decisions and set goals to change their own lives.

My intervention toolkit is very large.

As each teen is different, different approaches work better with some than others, and often a mixture of approaches produces the best results. Within my toolkit you can find cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive psychology approaches, motivational interviewing and life coaching techniques, creative therapies and mindfulness techniques. I am constantly adding to this toolkit because you can never be too well equipped!

Teens do as well as talk.

Unlike many other services, talking is not the only method I use. Tweens and teens are great do-ers and sometimes the quickest way to resolution of their issue is through talking AND practical activities- playing a sport, yoga, volunteering, writing, artwork, engaging in a new hobby, making new friends. I actively support young people to engage in activities that will ensure their progress. The talking helps them to look inwards and reflect, often assisted by art and writing-based activities, and other activities encourage them to look outwards – a healthy balance that everyone needs to be happy.

A strengths-based approach.

Focusing on the positives in their lives and their strengths and building on them plays a central role in boosting self-esteem and their belief that they can make successful changes in their lives. Again, this is where practical activities can be more powerful than words.

Working collaboratively, ensuring wrap-around support.

Unlike many other services I actively seek to liaise with all the key professionals in the young person’s life (where appropriate and with your permission) for example at school or in the health services to ensure that your child is receiving consistent support in all areas and to ensure we are all “singing from the same song sheet”. Where appropriate I will seek to engage other services in the support of your child.

Parental/carer support.

Knowing that your child is unhappy and the problems that can come with their behaviour is incredibly stressful. I offer support to you as well as your tween/teen, to ensure that you can be as supportive of them as possible.

No child is unworkable.

Many tweens and teens are all but given up on by schools, health services, social workers and others as they try to engage them and fail. This is particularly true for young people who manifest their problems in antisocial behaviour. Many workers will then refuse to work with them any longer. I specialise in reaching these young people. There is always hope.

For your initial telephone consultation with Sam, please book an appointment below. There is a £30 fee for this consultation to enable all, wherever they live in the United Kingdom, to receive advice.

If you are local to the Bristol and Somerset area and proceed to book face-to-face sessions, or are further afield and proceed to book Zoom sessions after this intial information-sharing call, you will be deducted the cost of this call from your first invoice.  

Whatever the level of service required, please get in touch today. Together we can achieve change.

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