Kayleigh’s Love Story: Powerful video about dangers of online grooming

Sometimes we can spend all our time talking to our teens to warn them of the dangers of this and of that and we know we haven’t really got through to them; they think they know better. If you want to get through to your teens on the dangers of online grooming (who doesn’t) then you must get them to watch the film below. Every single teen girl and boy needs to watch it, ideally with an adult present to discuss it afterwards.

It is especially important that those working with particularly vulnerable young people, such as those in the care or juvenile justice systems, or those in housing difficulties etc. take the time to show this to them. (For insight into what makes some young people more vulnerable to grooming of any sort and to find out how to reduce the risks, read this post: To Be Somebody: on teen sexual grooming and exploitation).

This film presents, in the most heart-wrenching way, the true story of Kayleigh Haywood, a British schoolgirl who was the victim of online grooming, rape and murder. No words could better convey to our young people the dangers of online grooming and how easily it can happen to anyone whether considered to be a vulnerable young person or not.

Please share widely using the social media buttons to the side and bottom of this post. Sharing really is caring. I strongly believe that this video will prevent untold numbers of young people from falling victim to this predatory behaviour. For this we must thank the parents of Kayleigh for allowing her story to be told and for Leicestershire Police to have the vision to bring something positive to something so utterly dark.

Warning: if this film was in the cinema it would be given a 15 certificate.

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