She actually listens

I have spoken with people at school and even a counsellor or two. They never listened. They were too interested in what they had to say and were’t interested in listening to what I had to say. Sam is the best listener and because she listened all the work we did were right for me.


My parents have tried to get me help before but it just didn’t work. They talked at me or made me sit in silence before I made up an answer. It was so awkward. It was really different with Sam. She makes you relax and then I started talking.

My stress not his

Meeting with Sam opened my eyes to the fact that my anxiety about my son’s success was causing him to be more stressed. I came to this realisation by talking the whole thing through. Sam never told me what I was doing was wrong, I never felt judged but she has an amazing way of helping you to reflect on the situation and come to your own conclusions. From what my son has told me she worked the same magic on him. She is so empowering. Can’t recommend enough.

Should have done it sooner

I’d been trying to help my daughter with her anxiety but when she started getting increasingly frustrated with me and self-harming I knew we needed to do something different. That’s when I found Sam and thank God I did. We are both now coping much better and I can now have a normal relationship with my daughter.

ADHD & Dyslexic

School has always been a bit of a struggle- I’m ADHD and dyslexic, but in a smart kind of a way. I kind of coped okay up until sixth form but then it became a real struggle. I was getting all kinds of frustrated- depressed, shouting at people who were trying to help. I wasn’t a nice person to be around. With Sam we worked out strategies that work for my brain and now the work is so much easier to do. I just needed the keys to get into my brain! I also learned how to manage my stress a whole load better and now I think I’m a nicer person to be around!

Such a relief

I was in a bad place before I met with Sam. My perfectionist tendencies were taking over and my thoughts were going to dark places. With Sam I sorted out my negative thought patterns in our sessions and I started going for a walk every day. I am now so much better. I feel in control of myself and my A level work.

I laugh

Sam’s funny. She makes me laugh. I don’t have much to laugh at at the minute. Its so nice to have some fun. I never thought I’d laugh when getting help and learning how to manage my feelings.

You can tell her anything

The best bit about Sam is that you can tell her anything and I don’t need to worry what she’s going to say. I can say stuff to her that I wouldn’t say to my Mum. I have told her stuff that I’ve never told anyone before. It helps me so much when I can just talk without worrying.

Gets you talking

Instead of talking about stuff all the time, I have done so many other thing like drawing or breething exercises. I don’t like talking too much when I don’t know someone. Sam made it easy to talk tho. And she was reely good at giving me stuff to do that reely helped with my anxiety.

Just do it

If you are wondering whether to get in contact with Sam just do it. You won’t regret it.

Finally understood

I have spoken to so many professionals, trying to get help for my ADHD son. It was such a relief to find Sam. After feeling like no one understood what we were going through, Sam did. She has helped me manage my son’s emotions and helped him so much. My son actually looks forward to meeting with her which is not like my son!

She is my family’s angel

The whole family was struggling to cope with my daughter’s eating disorder. My daughter was seeing CAMHS but my son needed support because he was getting really angry. Sam helped him so much. He is now so much calmer. She helped me too- I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Very relevant

Very clearly speaks for the teenager! I recognise all the teenagers from those I have worked with over the years.

Helps me explain teen behaviour to parents

I am a high school teacher and I deal with incredible kids everyday. I’m often used as the gateway and voice of the young person and their parents. It’s good to know how to explain to parents the behaviour of the students without finger pointing or negativity. I often refer to you writing about the troubled teen holding in to the end of the line, thrashing about, in my sessions with parents. It also keeps me connected to the young people as I get older and further from their age group!

One of the best publications

Sam Ross gives insight into how young people feel and think. This informs our work with young people and reminds us that we cannot assume we know how young people feel on every occasion. I forward the newsletter to our team and the feedback from staff is always very positive. I think it’s one of the best publications we receive, which is honest and genuine, and gives a young person’s perspective. Thank you.

I regularly recommend Teenage Whisperer to others

Ideas, resources, inspiration and motivating people working with teens and parents to think differently, and for reflective practice. I particularly like the pieces written from the perspective of a teen. I support and advise school safeguarding staff and have regularly recommended the Teenage Whisperer site to schools. youth workers, social workers, school health and LOADS of parents.

Helps me relate

Helps me relate to the issues facing teenagers and that we aren’t alone facing/tackling issues and difficulties.

Innovative ideas and resources

She provides me with innovative ideas and resources to use with individuals with learning disabilities and their parents, carers and support workers that I support.

There’s hope for our teens

My copy of ‘Anger is My Friend’ is totally dog-eared and I’ve bought a couple of copies for colleagues because I’m not lending mine! Teenage Whisperer reminds me that there’s hope for our teens.

Shows the importance of listening to young people

The Teenage Whisperer has over the years guided me towards a more empathic way of working. It has encouraged me to make use of the most important resource available to those working with teenagers; I am referring to young people themselves, a vast pool of knowledge garnered from lived experience. The teenage whisperer has shown me that what a young person wants is as important, perhaps more important than what any text book may tell me they need. Thank you Teenage Whisperer.

I’ve learnt so much!

I’ve learnt more about troubled teens, helping me understand them better and be a better practitioner.


Gives me ideas to use when training others.

Fantastic reading

Helps me to understand my own kids and the ones I volunteer with! It’s fantastic reading. I especially like the creative writing from teenagers’ perspectives- I wish more people would read this as it would certainly change the negative attitudes that some people have towards this age group.

Supports the importance of hearing what teenagers have to say

She helps me to keep focused on the needs of the child/teenager and take into account their point of view. Their voices and experiences need to be listened to and taken notice of – Teenage Whisperer supports the importance of really hearing what teenagers have to say!

Helps me better understand issues young people face

Sam Ross and Teenage Whisperer enable me to reflect on my practice and parenting with realistic experience and expertise sharing the real nitty gritty of their complex relationships. It helps me better understand issues young people face. I love how it is written from the young person’s perspective. It helps me stop chasing my answers and try to be with the young person looking for their answers.

Insight and perspective

Teenage Whisperer gives me insight and perspective. It reminds me to step back and consider the individual child and their issues. This allows me to support staff to do the same rather than using blanket phrases like ‘year eight are mental’ or ‘this year group have issues’. It is also nice to signpost parents to the blog as many really struggle with the puberty years and the battles they face arguing with new teenagers.