The Good Goodbye

The last word, the last sight
Before I go out of the door
Away from your world
And continue my tour

My tour through my life
All the comings and goings
Of people and places
The walking out, the throwings

I can leave from the front
Or out of the back
Successful completion
Or another setback

But I shouldn’t go quietly
It shouldn’t go unmarked
The fact that I’m leaving
It needs some remarks

Highlights of progress
Even when most wasn’t good
What the next steps will be
The fact that I could

Could choose my response
Could make this next step work
That tomorrow has hope
I can escape from the murk

So whether I’m leaving
On an up or a down
You set the tone
Can help me swim or drown

Last words, last contact
Stick in the mind
If you go to the effort
My heart you will find

Affected by the fact
That you cared enough to speak
To acknowledge my departure
To extend your reach

Beyond the end
Of my time with you
Your words stick with me
To the pastures new

To say goodbye
Is to see me a person
To gift some dignity
Allow some care immersion

Because people have left
Without a bye or a leave
Leaving me only
With a heart that grieves

I need to know
That byes don’t have to hurt
Don’t have to dredge memories
Don’t have to be curt

So whether you’re leaving
Or it is me
Let’s end it well
Cos then we’ll both see

That good endings are begetters
Of good starts elsewhere
If they end and start
From the point where you care

That time taken to end
Makes me have a tie
With someone who cared
Enough to give a good goodbye.

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